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The Homeowner Assistance Fund is processing applications and payments daily. HAF makes payments directly to registered vendors - we are working diligently to get vendors registered in the DC Vendor Portal. Typically, payments for registered vendors are processed in under 120 days from application approval. For more information on payments visit the FAQs tab below or navigate to Thank you for your patience. 

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DC Homeowner Assistance Fund

The DC Homeowner Assistance Fund Program uses funding from the American Rescue Plan to provide grants to District Homeowners who have been affected by COVID-19 to help keep their home.

The financial assistance program is accessed via a digital portal, that serves as a one-stop shop, providing grants to District homeowners impacted by COVID-19 who are struggling with their mortgage payments and other property or housing expenses.

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Vendors & Servicers

Sample Foreclosure Warning Notice

Beginning on the effective date of the Foreclosure Moratorium Extension Revision and Homeowner Assistance Fund Promotion Emergency Amendment Act of 2022, passed on an emergency basis on June 28, 2022 (Bill 24-883), a mortgage lender, condominium association, homeowners association, or tax sale purchaser, or an agent acting as a representative for any housing or financing entity to which a homeowner is indebted, may begin to send notices to warn of intention to initiate or continue foreclosure actions, but no foreclosure action described in paragraph (2) of the act may proceed prior to 30 days after a homeowner is first sent a warning notice.

An editable sample foreclosure warning notice to be used for this purpose may be found here (updated 11/22). 

Vendor Registration Process

In order to receive payment from the Homeowner Assistance Fund, vendors and servicers must register as a DC Vendor and confirm the amount owed to your organization. To participate in the program and receive instruction, please email [email protected]. This applies to any mortgage servicer, subservicer, housing association, law firm and/or collection agency.

1. Homeowner applies for assistance

2. Vendor registers for the HAF Payee Portal. Please contact [email protected] for your registration link

3. Vendor registers as a DC vendor. Instructions for how to register as a vendor will be provided in the HAF Payee Portal

4. Vendor confirms amount owed by applicant

5. Payment issued to vendor

Required Documents

As part of the vendor registration process, vendors will be required to submit the following documents. Samples and templates can be found on the HAF Payee Portal. Please contact [email protected] for your registration link.

  • Collaborative Servicer Agreement (mortgage servicers only)
  • W-9 (2018 version)
  • ACH forms
  • Master Supplier form
  • Bank letter