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The Homeowner Assistance Fund is processing applications and payments daily. HAF makes payments directly to registered vendors - we are working diligently to get vendors registered in the DC Vendor Portal. Typically, payments for registered vendors are processed in under 120 days from application approval. For more information on payments visit the FAQs tab below or navigate to Thank you for your patience. 

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DC Homeowner Assistance Fund

The DC Homeowner Assistance Fund Program uses funding from the American Rescue Plan to provide grants to District Homeowners who have been affected by COVID-19 to help keep their home.

The financial assistance program is accessed via a digital portal, that serves as a one-stop shop, providing grants to District homeowners impacted by COVID-19 who are struggling with their mortgage payments and other property or housing expenses.

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What Do I Need - Block A

What Do I Need to Apply?

HAF is an innovative, user-friendly application that lets you easily apply for assistance from any electronic device. You will need proof of:

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Identity and residency of homeowner applicants

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Housing assistance delinquencies

What Assistance - Block B

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What Assistance is Possible?

HAF provides grants to pay mortgage or other property payments to preserve homeownership and aid in wealth-building for District residents. The lifetime cap for HAF assistance is $120,000 per household. Other limits apply depending on the assistance type.


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What Should - Block C

What Should I Expect?

Step 1: Create a Profile and Complete Pre-Screening Questionnaire

Once you have registered, you will complete a pre-screening questionnaire. If you’re your answers indicate you are eligible to proceed, you will move on to the application. Throughout the process, you will be able to access your application and check the status at any time by signing into the application portal.

Step 2: Complete Application

When applying, you will provide information and documents about your household, income, and property. You can save your application as a draft at specific points and return to it later. However, you can complete it faster if you have all documentation ready before beginning. Please review full list of Required Documents.

You can submit pictures of your documents from your smartphone or tablet. It is essential that your documents are NOT BLURRY or CUT OFF.

If you need help along the way, the fastest option is to use the "chat feature" or email [email protected] for technical assistance. You can also find a Housing Counseling agency for a virtual or in-person appointment to complete your application at If you prefer a phone conversation, please call (202) 540-7407.

Step 3: Attend Housing Counseling

At the end of your application, you will receive contact information for a Housing Counseling agency. Applicants with select circumstances will be required to meet with a housing counselor before HAF payments are made.

However, we highly recommend all HAF applicants attend a personalized housing counseling session. Your application will continue to be processed during this time.

Step 4: Eligibility & Benefits Review

Program staff will review complete applications. If you make 60% of Area Median Income or below, your application will be prioritized in the review process.

Step 5: Provide Corrections if Necessary

If an application requires edits or additional explanation, you will be contacted via email and given 15 calendar days to submit required information.

Step 6: Eligibility Determination

You will be notified via email when an eligibility determination has been made. Appeal instructions will be included in the email, if necessary.

Step 7: Service Provider Confirms Information

Your service provider must participate in the program, register as a DC Vendor, and confirm the amount owed.

Step 8: Payments Are Issued to Service Provider

If the applicant is determined to be eligible, the payments will be made directly to mortgage servicer, insurer, District of Columbia Treasurer, utility/internet provider and/or housing association. HAF will pay the amount quoted by the organization; any discrepancies will be resolved by the homeowner and the organization.

The applicant will be notified via email when payments have been processed.